How to get Free Wifi at KFC

Free Wifi at KFC: Like many other restaurant chains, KFC also provides the free wifi to its customers. Here, in this post, we have provided the information related to ‘Free Wifi at KFC’. Also, we have provided the specifics of KFC Free Wifi. The Free Wifi at KFC allows you to access the information you need. Check the further details in the below section.

Free Wifi at KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is one of the world’s leading restaurant chains. The first KFC franchise was opened in Utah in 1952. KFC was one of the first American fast food chains to expand internationally, opening its outlets in many countries and everything was going well until the disease bird flu started spreading. And simultaneously, the scandal of the poultry satiated with antibiotics came into news. All this reflected on its business and automatically on sales as well. That is, in China, the sales got 4% down. This is the time when it went through series of changes. After the restaurants’ makeover, the sales increased by 19% as compared to the previous year’s. Along with the changes in interior design, they also started providing the Free Wifi to its customers. Then, the customers also started liking the transformation that it went through. And the number of visitors started increasing, therefore, KFC restaurants in other countries also went through the transformations.

Free Wifi at KFC

Free Wifi at KFC

Connect to Free Wifi at KFC

Connecting to the free Wi-Fi at KFC is easy. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect to the KFC Wifi network.
  • Browse to any web page.
  • After launching the browser, you are taken to the KFC landing page.
  • There you need to register yourself.
  • Then, you need to accept the terms of service and click ‘continue’.
  • Finally, you are connected to the KFC wifi which is free.

Specifics of KFC Free Wifi

  • The free wifi at KFC offers a good speed and it takes the 7th place in the rating of the 8 fast-food chains with free wifi.
  • It provides the speed of 187 Mbps. With such a speed, you are allowed to read the facebook feed and also you can watch the videos as well. It might just take few seconds to load the page.
  • Each restaurant has its own bandwidth. So, the internet speed may differ based on its location.
  • The free wifi service is provided in every KFC restaurant i.e. in all the locations where the KFC chain functions.

Pros and Cons of KFC Free Wifi

Here are some of the pros and cons of ‘Free Wifi at KFC’.


  • Provides normal speed (good enough to read the facebook feed, watch videos, etc.)
  • You can easily connect to this free wifi service.


  • Speed is low when compared with other fast-food chains.
  • The access demands the registration which takes few minutes. And the people who are in hurry can find it irritating.

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